Simon Levenson

I invite you to join my Meetup group which now has over 1080 members!  All the sessions I offer around the city are listed there. It is free to join and is a great community of people who love to draw. Hope to see you there. Simon

Attended: Beginner: Drawing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

What a way to spend a Saturday night! I went to this class alone, with no idea what to expect. I love instruction, and found the way Simon structured the class was stress free, a great use of the time, and fun!!! And my drawing visibly improved exponentially. Simon is an extraordinary communicator, and a really approachable, pretty cool dude. I would- and already have!- recommended this course to close friends, I think it would be a great this to do with a boyfriend/girlfriend or a parent! … You’re at the Met. What’s not to love. – Adelaide C.